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    BP | Benassi
    Metal Carpentry
    Aluminium Windows and Façade

BP Benassi srl has been operating in the metal construction sector for over 40 years.

BP | Benassi

B.P. Benassi is a construction company of steel carpentry (light, medium and heavy), aluminium windows and façade.

Company is internally well organized to realize complex projects with its flexible structure made of qualified technicians.

Professional expertise and competences acquired in over 50 years allowed B.P.Benassi to become a leading company in its sector both in National and International market.

Product Resources

The company is recognized in the national panorama for state-of-the-art technologies, continuous research and development on processes, techniques and materials, developed in years of collaboration with the most important engineering studios and in the realization of works for public and private customers of high technological and qualitative profile. The company has the following internal productive resources to be used for the construction of the work in the race and in particular:

  • Covered building mq. 6.000
  • Offices on 2 floors mq. 400
  • A place used for storage and handling mq. 16.000

Company internal departments

  • Aluminum department and aluminum warehouse department
  • Carpentry department in iron and iron warehouse department
  • Painting department
  • Warehouse management department
  • Meeting room and training courses

BP Benassi SRL

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